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Ussher's Dates

537 BC: Following his father’s death, this year marks the first of the sole rule of Cyrus over the whole Persian empire. Cyrus decrees that Jews living anywhere in his empire may return to Jerusalem. He orders those who do return to rebuild the Temple of Yahweh. He returns to them the vessels taken from the Temple by Nebuchadnezzar (P949).

536 BC: In response to the decree of Cyrus, 42,360 Jews return to Jerusalem (P951).

535 BC: Daniel has his last vision (Dan. 10:1-12:13) shortly before he dies (P956).

529 BC: Cyrus dies (P959).

525 BC: The Persian army deports Pythagoras with thousands of other Egyptians to Babylon. He continues his habit of learning from the wisest and speaks with sages of the Jewish community as well (P981).

523 BC: Artaxerxes becomes king of Persia (P1000). Samaritan leaders write to persuade him to stop the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem by Jews who had returned from exile in Babylon (Ezra 4:7-16) (P1001). Artaxerxes ordered the work stopped until he looked into the matter. It did (Ezra 4:17-24) (P1002).

521 BC: Darius becomes emperor of Persia (P1006). He then marries Atossa who was the daughter of Cyrus. In the book of Esther, he is referred to as Ahasuerus and his wife as Vashti (P1009).

520 BC: Haggai the prophet scolds the Jews in Jerusalem for failing to rebuild the Temple (Hag. 1:1-15) (P1015). In this same year, Yahweh calls Zechariah to preach repentance to his people (Zech. 1:1-6) (P1017).

519 BC: Darius executes Artaxerxes (P1024).

518 BC: For publicly disrespecting her husband, Vashti is eventually displaced by Esther (Est. 1) (P1027-1029).

515 BC: The second Temple in Jerusalem is finished (P1032).

514 BC: Darius (Ahasuerus) chooses Esther to be his new queen (Est. 2:16-17). The story of Esther unfolds during the course of this year (P1035).

This info was copied from Steven Farsaci' web site. His original text may be found here:- https://www.propheticwitness.com/2019/02/the-biblical-chronology-of-james-ussher.html

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